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Welcome Agents!

Taking the Key

MountainCraft Builders values its relationship with the real estate agent community. We consider Buyer’s Agents to be a valuable part of the team in creating a new home and we warmly welcome you and your clients. 

MountainCraft Builders works with both Havenwood Realty and with other independent agents as Builder's Agents for new homes. It is expected that Builder's and Buyer’s Agents will work closely together over a period of 4 to 10 months, assisting with specs and selections (onsite with vendors if necessary), attending on-site meetings/site inspections, preparing and executing addendums, coordinating financing, appraisals, and all other required steps in getting to closing with our preferred attorney in Cleveland, Georgia.

For transactions that feature a Buyer's Agent, MountainCraft Builders believes that the Builder's Agent and the Buyer's Agent must the conduit through which information flows between the parties.

MountainCraft Builders offers a 3% co-op percentage to the Buyer’s Broker based on the original sales price of the home (change orders, overages, and inflation adjustments are not added in calculating the commission), which MountainCraft Builders will honor if the Buyer’s Agent completes the following steps:

1.    REGISTRATION- Clients must be pre-registered by the Buyer’s Agent. To register a client, the Buyer’s Agent may Pre-Register by clicking the link above to register online, or accompany the client on their visit to each community or home and register the client at that time. The Buyer’s Agent Registration Form must be completed online or on site via computer or mobile device for the Agent’s client.  Only the Buyer’s Agent or Broker may complete this form.

Buyer’s Agent registrations for clients are good for 45 days from the date the client is registered and are applicable to any agreement that may be reached between the Buyer and MountainCraft Builders during that time. It is the Agent’s responsibility to renew registered clients after 45 days.

MountainCraft Builders will not honor registrations if the Buyer has met with a MountainCraft Builders representative or employee, has toured a MountainCraft Builders product (home, lot, or community), or if a Buyer has entered into discussions of terms of sale/negotiation with a MountainCraft Builders representative.

It is not the duty of MountainCraft Builders representatives nor of a Builder's Agent to ask whether a Buyer is working with a Buyer's Agent.

It is expected that a Buyer's Agent working closely with a Buyer will attend either the initial visit to the site. If a Buyer’s Agent is unable to attend the initial visit to the site, prospective buyers must bring their Agent’s business card to give to the Builder’s representative and must notify the representative that they are pre-registered and working with the Agent prior to viewing the home or property with the Builder’s representative.  Upon notification of registration, the Builder's Agent or representative will not discuss terms of purchase unless the Buyer's Agent is present.  After registration, the Buyer's Agent will thereafter be the primary point of contact between the parties.

2.    ELIGIBILITY- Buyer's Agent must be a licensee of the Georgia Real Estate Commission and have an active license.  Buyer's Agents who are directly related to the Buyer and/or are a principal in the transaction are not eligible for a share of commissions paid by MountainCraft Builders.

3.    AGREEMENT- Buyer’s Agent must execute the MountainCraft Broker Co-Op Agreement at or before the client’s execution of a purchase agreement.  The Co-Op Agreement must be signed by the Buyer's Agent and Broker, and contains measurable minimum expectations of participation and assistance throughout the construction process, which if breached as determined by MountainCraft Builders, will result in MountainCraft Builders paying 1.5% to the Buyer's Broker.

At a minimum, a Buyer’s Agent must meet requirement #2 and #3 above for MountainCraft Builders to pay any commission or referral fee to the Buyer’s Broker.  Should a Buyer’s Agent meet only requirements 2 and 3 above, MountainCraft Builders will pay 1% to the Buyer’s Broker upon successful closing of the home.

Please direct any questions to, and we look forward to working with you!

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